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Property Management in Manhattan Beach

Blackstone Property Management in Manhattan Beach develops client relationships that inspire confidence and peace of mind. Whether it’s simply returning a phone call, a knowledgeable response to a question or delivering your financial on time every month.
Are you interested in “losing Your Worries Not Your Investment”? Blackstone property management in Manhattan Beach can help you lose those worries. If you have a property in Manhattan Beach, than you understand and appreciate a lot about what it has to offer to it’s residents.
Residents divide the city into several distinct neighborhoods, including the Village, Sand Section, Hill Section, Tree Section, Gas Lamp Section, Manhattan Heights, East Manhattan Beach, Liberty Village, and North Manhattan Beach (formally known as El Porto until December 2007).

The Hill Section includes higher priced homes where many of the residences are remodeled and situated on steep hills allowing panoramic ocean and city views. The nearby Sand Section is notable for its pockets of quiet neighborhoods adjacent to the ocean, dense development and higher rate of condominiums and multi-family properties compared to more suburban areas of the city. Most commercial activity whose clientele are beach-oriented position their establishments here, sometimes within meters of private homes.

One of its most highly trafficked pedestrian streets, The Strand, features high-end Oceanfront homes. Desired by families for its close knit structure and with a substantially healthy financial background, the Tree Section is essentially a smaller Hill Section, minus the hills, of course, and with slightly smaller lots and narrower streets. Liberty Village is located at the north-easternmost section of Manhattan Beach; it is undergoing rapid change as the original World War II era housing for the employees of the then dominant local defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Hughes is replaced by new, larger homes.
We recognize that the quality of life each resident experiences while living in Manhattan Beach is dependent upon expert and proficient property management. Our priorities are focused upon providing responsive service, maintaining and improving the building structure and systems, and maximizing the property value while meeting financial expectation.
Blackstone Property Management in Manhattan Beach is an experienced, result-oriented firm with a core philosophy that each property we manage deserves to be treated as a unique entity, never just a number!
Blackstone’s portfolio of income properties range from Single-family homes, Condos, Townhouses to large Multi-Unit Apartment Complexes located in Beverly Hills, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Los Angeles and cities nearby.
We take the weight off the landlord and undertake responsibility for the management and leasing of the property. If you own a property in Manhattan Beach or in the nearby areas and you will like to “keep your investment and lose your worries” Click below to get a free quote for your unique property.